Coronavirus Travel Update

Current COVID-19 situation in Bhutan

Bhutan led a nationwide vaccination campaign starting 27th March and currently has 480,597 vaccinated. That is almost all the eligible population vaccinated in a short span surpassing the vaccination rate of all the rest of the world. The second dose will be carried out 8 to 12 weeks later. Bhutan received 550,000 doses of the AstraZeneca also known as Covishield from India and will be receiving new batches of the vaccine for the second dose as well.

With the new variants of COVID-19 hitting other countries and increasing deaths, Bhutan also found itself preparing for the second wave. On 16 April 2021 Bhutan once again had a positive case from the community. Currently, there are 119 active cases centered in south Bhutan. The southern district of Bhutan is under lockdown and undergoing thorough contact tracing.


As of today, 04 May 2021, tourism in Bhutan is still on hold. However, with rollout of vaccines and plans of bubble tourism, we hope to arrange your travel to Bhutan in what would be a “covid normal” period by late this year. 

Plan your tour and book with us with no booking charge, no change fee, and flexible cancellation.

Extra COVID-19 safety measures by Trekking In Bhutan Team

The government has made it mandatory for all travelers coming to Bhutan to provide a vaccination certificate and a negative PCR test conducted 72 hours before flying in. We at Trekking In Bhutan have put in place some extra safety measures to minimize the risk of covid during your travel with us:


Jumolhari trek in Bhutan is an exhilarating adventure in the Himalayas. From the base camp you will see the stunning view of Mt. Jumolhari (7315m). The second highest unclimbed peak in the world.

Laya-Gasa Trek is one of the most scenic long distance treks in Bhutan. The trek runs along the Tibetan border and offers amazing views of some of the most pristine and untouched landscapes in Bhutan.

On this trek, you will have enchanting view of Mount Jumolhari, Jichu Drake & Tsherimgang mountains. You will also have distant view of Mount Kanchenjongga of Sikkim.

This 30-day arduous trek is billed as the most difficult trek in the world by the Red Bull. You will cross 11 high passes, walk for 16km daily and sleep at more than 5000m.

Trekking amidst the picturesque lakes, stunning views of highest Himalayan ranges including Mount Everest in Nepal, Jumolhari, Masanggang, Jichu Drake, Tiger Mountain in Bhutan .

This trek is also known by different names such as Jumolhari Trek II, Yaksa Trek or simply the Jumolhari Loop. The highlight of this trek is the spectacular view of Mount Jumolhari from the base camp.

Trek offers a clear mountain lakes, number of yak herder’s camps and have splendid views of Himalaya along the Bhutan – Tibet border including Mount Jumolhari, Jichu Drake and Gangkar Puensum.

The Nub Tsho Napata Trek takes you through mountains of Haa in western Bhutan. The trek is considered unique and unexplored as many do not trek this region.