Discover what hasn't been discovered

Every year we scorch new trails, tour products and services to offer something new to our clients. As travel is inherently an evolving activity, our quest for novel experience goes on. The Naro Trek is the least visited and very few people have explored this trek. We have discovered a new extended form of Sinchula Trek, which is good for winter months. While Merak Sakten Trek II is a new trek which was explored in lieu of old trek.

We maintain confidentiality about what we do and hence we have kept these itineraries in our shelf. This is done partly to avoid these becoming run-of-the-mill trips.  

Naro Trek

Experience the scenic landscapes and hidden turquoise lakes nestled between towering mountains. We will be exploring the remote Naro village, yak herder camps en route, and conquering five mountain passes going above 3500 meters with magnificent views. The highest pass, Nachungla pass at 5100m offers incredible views of the Tiger Mountain, Kangbum, and Masagang Mountain. This trek is perfect for trekkers longing to see something offbeat yet challenging. Each year, Naro trek sees zero or hardly any trekkers because many still do not know the route making it the least explored high altitude trek. The Bhutan trekking experience doesn’t get better than this!


Merak Sakteng trek II

Merak and Sakten village is a far-flung village in east Bhutan, home to the semi-nomadic group called Brokpas. However, even this twin village is taking in the effects of modernization with now accessible farm roads. These road cuttings have spoiled the old Merak-Sakten trek. Hence, we have explored a new trek route, an upgraded version. It is a total of 6-day trek taking you as high as 4340 meters passing through exquisite villages and lakes. The unique people and even more unique culture make this one of the most amusing treks. Get an authentic trekking experience with the new trek route discovering the unsullied mountains.

golden langur in eastern Bhutan
merak-sakteng park
Merak & Sakteng

Sinchula winter trek

Delve into the delightful villages and sub-tropical forest of Punakha valley. This pleasant 3-day winter trek goes through the ancient route from Thimphu to Punakha, crossing the Sinchula pass at 3315m marked by color prayer flags. Another highlight is a night spent near an alluring lake. Sinchula trek is the only one of its kind that can be explored in the winter months. Complete this trek learning about the history and riveting legends and folklore.