Trek equipment provided

Sleeping Tents

We select and supply your sleeping tent considering so many factors – season, altitude, distance and terrain. Our selection is also based on feedback from our experienced field staff. For the lower altitude and during wet months or snowfall, A-framed tents are found to be very effective. The Fly is made of imported nylon water proof breathable fabric and inner made from high quality cotton fabric with 100% water proof and fire resistant.

This popular A-Framed tent is demanded for its roomy floor space that easily accommodates two or three persons. It has inner cotton walls that can clean easily. A fly sheet with vestibule gives extra space for packs, wet boots and flip-flops.


This tent has great height to stand-up. The lightweight cotton side walls with front and back fly-sheet ventilation allow air and moisture flow without losing inner heat. Fly sheet separation keeps rain and snow away gliding from its sloppy walls.

We also provide state of the art, four-season, the North Face Assault 2, a highly technically engineered single walled tent for 2 person. These tents have a removable vestibule, built for the toughest alpine conditions are warm, waterproof and roomy, perfectly suited for alpine adventure. A built in gear loft frees up floor space as do body and removable vestibule holds your lighter travel gears and baggages. Tents are made from DryWall fabric that is highly breathable and has a higher tear strength than any existing rain fly fabrics.

Dining Tents

Trekkers can greatly enjoy al fresco dining with tasty meals prepared by our experienced trekking chef. It adds a lively and enjoyable dimension to trekking as you sit in open air, lavishing yourself with a voracious appetite.

Our two-door dining tents are sized to comfortably accommodate a group of six to twenty trekkers with tables and chairs. The fly of the tent, which is a heavy coated water-proof fabric keeps rains permanently out. Inner fly is made of highest quality breathable cotton fabric. 

Tent door on both ends can be fully opened for dining al fresco and easy serving access. Water proof and fire retardant ground sheets keep out rain, snow and wind. Good quality mesh net used on windows and gate keeps tent well ventilated.

Kitchen Tent

Our kitchen tents are made of water proof breathable nylon coated fabric for cooking. This kitchen tent was designed and tested by our trekking staff who know how to keep clients well fed and satisfied under any weather conditions. A full range of tent size shelters fairly large kitchen crew, with access allowing for fast food delivery and servicing. A water and fire resistant PVC floor skirt keeps out wind and dust.


Rubber Mats

We provide rubber mats in addition to inflatable air mats. You will first put rubber mats on floor and then on top the inflated air mats – this gives you added insulation while sleeping inside tent. These lightweight design mats, which are easy to clean and maintain are made from high quality materials to offer durability. Cushioned surface of this mat provides you with a comfortable and non-slippery surface. The base material of the mats absorb shock and gives you cushioning effect incase your camp is on rough surface.

Inflatable Air Mats

KM3544 KingCamp Wave Deluxe outdoor camp moisture-proof pad is being provided to all trekkers. Made of 100% polyester suede nap and 75D poly-pouch material.

Its egg crate foam make your sleeps more comfortable inside your tent. These moisture proof pads are also automatic inflatable ones. They are user-friendly, thicker and longer (nearly two meters long). The original V-slip design as the back acts as an anti-slide. The suede-surface moisture pad makes it more comfortable even for those not used to camping .

air mats
hot-water bag

Hot Water Rubber Bags

Duckback non-electrical 2 liters hot water bag is provided to each trekker. This gives additional heat while placed inside their sleeping bags. These hot water bags are sourced from renowned manufacturers in order to assure optimum quality. They are light weight, easy to clean and keep water hot for a longer time. These hot water rubber bags, which are from natural rubber are leak-proof and provide thermal comfort to our trekkers at night.


We provide Indian made rugs, which are to be used in between your sleeping pads inside your tents. This gives additional warmth and a place for your cold feet inside your sleeping tents.

Toilet Tent with Seats

We provide toilet tents with portable and collapsible toilet seat with legs. A hole is dug into the ground and this collapsible toilet seat placed over it, so that you can relieve yourself sitting on it. 

Table and Chairs

We provide you foldable tables and chairs as an essential equipment while trekking in Bhutan. These chairs provide relaxation and comfort while camping or having meals.

These chairs comfortable to sit on when you’re sitting on wet grass and rough terrain or squatting around the camp fire at night. Staying up on your feet all day while trekking is taxing, therefore these chairs are a lifesaver.

These chairs are built for dependability and long-lasting quality. Its height is thirty one inches off the ground that allows you to sit tall. To ensure stability the chair has four side bars.

sleeping-bags liner

Sleeping Bag Liners

To be used with the sleeping bag that you brought from your home, we provide sleeping liners. A nice, soft and warm inner bag made of fleece is a perfect supplement to your sleeping bag when the night is cold.

The mummy-shaped inner fits well into most of sleeping bag and saves washing your sleeping bag. The all round zipper also makes it possible to use as a blanket and adds warmth.


Many people consider pillows a backcountry luxury and often leave behind to save weight and pack space. But a good night’s sleep can be worth a few ounces after a long tiring days. To save you from using stuff sack pillow or bunched up clothes as a pillow, we provide square compressible pillows filled with foam with cotton outer fabric to each trekker. Compressible pillows are found to be more comfortable than the inflatable ones.

duffle bags

Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are important as it will hold all of your gears and equipment. We provide duffle bags made of tarpaulin, a heavy duty waterproof cloth. They are sourced from India and stitched by local tailors. As duffle bags are carried by horses, its sewn into a long cylindrical bag big enough to hold 15 kg. Each horse carry 30 kg and two of such bags should make load of a horse.

You must segregate trek clothes from your city clothes. For your trek clothes and gears, you must bring your own duffle bags. Your duffles will go into our big ones to be carried by horses. For extra waterproofing and easy access to sorted gear, we recommend packing into separate plastic bags or packing units.

Gamow Bag or PAC

Only few outfitters in Bhutan like us who is specialized in high altitude trekking provide Gamow bag during the treks. The Gamow Bag is a portable altitude chamber (PAC) used to treat acute mountain sickness (AMS).

The PAC that we use is an Australian product, designed for trekking groups and expeditions to high altitude. We carry this safety equipment on all our high altitude treks. All our trekking guides are well trained in using this equipment.

Once inflated, this gamow bag simulates descent to lower altitude. The patient is placed inside the bag and air is blown into the bag using a foot pump to increase the concentration of oxygen. A Gamow bag, which weighs about 12 pounds is about 7 feet long and 2 feet in diameter.

At 3000m, the Gamow bag can simulate a descent of 1,500. Once the patient is taken out of the bag (after a sensation of better feeling), this acclimatization will last up to 12 hours. This gives enough time to the patient to descend to a lower altitude and allow for further acclimatization.